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Student Information

LESSON TIMES: During the school year, lessons are offered:
Mondays to Fridays from 3.00 PM – 8:30 PM
Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sundays by appointment

At Zara - V Music Studio, we believe that working toward an achievable goal can help incentivize a student’s musical studies, so we offer multiple performance opportunities throughout the year. Musicians become better players by becoming better performers. Talk to your music teacher about scheduling your next performance!


The Northwest Suburban Music Teachers Association and Illinois Music Association host their student music Festivals in the fall through spring, offering piano, voice, violin, and other music instruments students the chance to perform in front of a judge and receive a competitive ranking. Talk to your music teacher at your next music lesson for more information about Festivals and Competitions.

Recitals are a great opportunity for our music students to showcase their accomplishments and share what they have learned with their friends and family. Students are not required but are encouraged to participate! Recitals will be no more than 1 hour long and scheduled throughout the weekend. Students will be seated in order of performance and will be encouraged to dress appropriately and listen respectfully to the other student performers.  

SUGGESTED BEGINNING AGES FOR MUSIC LESSONS: For ages 6+, we offer private piano and violin lessons. For all other instruments, the suggested minimum age is 8 years old.

PRIVATE LESSONS: Private Lessons offer students one-on-one individualized instruction for 30, 45, or 60 minutes once weekly.

SCHEDULING: Lessons are offered year-round. The studio year has 43 lessons from August 21, 2023, through June 30, 2024. Except as otherwise agreed, you will have the same lesson time each week. All scheduling is done through the office. Please speak with someone in our office to request a lesson time change. Instructors cannot make schedule changes.

CANCELLATIONS: Cancelled lessons are not refundable. For make-up lesson alternatives, see Cancellation Policy.

ORIENTATION: An orientation is scheduled for a portion of the first lesson. Parents and students will meet with the instructor during this orientation to discuss lesson details and expectations. New students are asked to arrive 5 minutes early to be sure the necessary paperwork is completed.

EXPECTATIONS: Students are encouraged to arrive at least 5 minutes before their scheduled lesson time. Bring all books, assignments, and materials necessary to be prepared for each lesson. It is also essential for music students to put in the time of practice required at home. Students who are the most successful complete their weekly practice assignments and arrive at their lesson ready to learn!

BOOKS AND MATERIALS: As a convenience to our students, books and other materials may be purchased through the studio or other sources. When students need a new book, the teachers will inform the family and studio office. 

SPECIAL ASSISTANCE TO ENSURE SUCCESS: Should an instructor sense that a student needs additional instruction with class assignments, it may be necessary to schedule additional private lessons to address specific challenges and help the student stay on task. These lessons will be scheduled at the instructor's request as an addition to the weekly private lesson, and the discount lesson rate will apply.


  • If the studio cancels a lesson, the studio will provide a make-up lesson with the teacher or a comparable substitute teacher.
  • ​A lesson credit will be issued if a parent or student cancels a lesson at least 24 hours in advance. The lesson credit can be used for a make-up lesson with any teacher who has cancellation availability.No more than two credits per semester.

  • The teacher or studio office must initiate lesson cancellations and reschedule lesson credits.

  • A lesson credit used to schedule a make-up lesson cannot be canceled and rescheduled. Rather, a cancellation of the make-up lessons is forfeited. Lesson credits will expire four months after issuance. All lesson credits expire upon termination of each semester.

  • No lesson credits will be issued without 24 hours advance notice, and no refunds will be issued.

  • The studio is not responsible for any liability for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur during the program.

  • Zara - V Music Studio has the right to send student home who shows illness or spreadable rashes on their skin,  destructive, rude, or harmful to other participants.

WITHDRAWAL: withdrawal requires a 30-day advance written notice by emailing No refunds will be given for lessons not attended in the 30-day notice period. The studio reserves the right to terminate any membership, in which case prorated tuition will be refunded. 

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