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Childrens Show

Performing Arts Workshops

Experience the glitz and glamour of live musical theater at this immersive performance workshop created by Zara-V Studio.


Jan.20, 2024 - Apr.14, 2024


Sep. 14, 2024 - Mar. 9, 2025

Toy Camp Musical

Musical Theatre Workshop

Workshop Overview

Get an inside look at the fundamentals of musical theater with industry professionals who will lead students through fast-paced rehearsals of a scene from one of the unique shows. The experience culminates in a show's final performance.

Workshop Purpose

The purpose of this workshop is to encourage and nurture the skills of children and adults in acting, singing, dancing, choreography, stage management, design and construction, wardrobe, makeup, and the myriad of other roles related to production.

Workshop Schedule

The 20 meetings workshop, 3 rehearsals, and 2 show schedule include acting, dancing, and singing classes and live performance experience. The class meets on Saturdays at Krug Community Circle.

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